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Welcome to Package Direct LLC – Where Your Shipping Experience Takes Center Stage! We’re thrilled to be your trusted partner in connecting the U.S. to the vibrant markets of Ghana and West Africa. At Package Direct, it’s all about YOU. Seamlessly delivering not just packages, but peace of mind and a world of opportunities right to your doorstep. Let’s embark on this personalized shipping journey together!

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Our extensive global network provides comprehensive coverage throughout Ghana and West Africa, with strategic partners and agents ensuring efficient deliveries even in the most remote locations.

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Thank you, Package Direct. My living room furniture was delivered as I requested. So grateful for good work and updates. Great customer service, and this made me relax.
I have always wanted a service that can swiftly deliver my packages from the US to Ghana SAFELY. Fortunately, PACKAGE DIRECT came highly recommended. I must admit the service has been very satisfactory. No excuses what so ever. No loss of packages. I would also recommend them anytime, any day.
Etim Essang
Awesome and fantastic shipping! Shipping with Package Direct is the best peace of mind for me. Knowing that you are dealing with honest and reliable people. Jones New Jersey
Howard Chavez​
Thank you package direct! I have used package direct to ship donation goods to ghana every six months. There are very realiable and their line of communication is exceptional. I have trusted them over the years and they have not disappointed me!

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